Overview: FrameGOΒΆ

Detail: FrameGO


Alternative constructors for creating instances.


Methods for transforming, exporting, or serializing objects.


Attributes for retrieving basic characteristics.


Methods for general functionality.


All dictionary-like methods and iterators.


Methods for providing a text representation of the object.


Interfaces for creating new containers with assignment-like specification.


Interfaces for selecting by position, label or Boolean.


Interfaces for iterating (and applying functions to) elements, axis, groups, or windows.

Operator Binary

Underlying (magic) methods for binary operator implementation.

Operator Unary

Underlying (magic) methods for unary operator implementation.

Accessor Values

Interface for using NumPy functions on conatainers.

Accessor Datetime

Interface for extracting date and datetime characteristics on elements.

Accessor String

Interface for employing string methods on container elements.

Accessor Transpose

Interface representing a virtual transposition, permiting application of binary operators with Series along columns instead of rows.

Accessor Fill Value

Interface that permits supplying a fill value to be used when binary operator application forces reindexing.

Accessor Regular Expression

Interface exposing regular expression application on container elements.

Accessor Hashlib

Interface exposing cryptographic hashing via hashlib interfaces.

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