Detail: Frame

Overview: Frame

class Frame(data=<object object>, *, index=None, columns=None, name=<object object>, index_constructor=None, columns_constructor=None, own_data=False, own_index=False, own_columns=False)[source]

A two-dimensional ordered, labelled collection, immutable and of fixed size.

  • Constructor: Alternative constructors for creating instances.

  • Exporter: Methods for transforming, exporting, or serializing objects.

  • Attribute: Attributes for retrieving basic characteristics.

  • Method: Methods for general functionality.

  • Dictionary-Like: All dictionary-like methods and iterators.

  • Display: Methods for providing a text representation of the object.

  • Assignment: Interfaces for creating new containers with assignment-like specification.

  • Selector: Interfaces for selecting by position, label or Boolean.

  • Iterator: Interfaces for iterating (and applying functions to) elements, axis, groups, or windows.

  • Operator Binary: Underlying (magic) methods for binary operator implementation.

  • Operator Unary: Underlying (magic) methods for unary operator implementation.

  • Accessor Values: Interface for using NumPy functions on conatainers.

  • Accessor Datetime: Interface for extracting date and datetime characteristics on elements.

  • Accessor String: Interface for employing string methods on container elements.

  • Accessor Transpose: Interface representing a virtual transposition, permiting application of binary operators with Series along columns instead of rows.

  • Accessor Fill Value: Interface that permits supplying a fill value to be used when binary operator application forces reindexing.

  • Accessor Regular Expression: Interface exposing regular expression application on container elements.

  • Accessor Hashlib: Interface exposing cryptographic hashing via hashlib interfaces.

  • Accessor Type Clinic: Interface for providing a type hint from a container or validating a container against a type hint.

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