Overview: Series: Constructor

Detail: Series: Constructor


Series.__init__(values, *, index, name, dtype, index_constructor, own_index)

Initializer. Args: values: An iterable of values to be aligned with the supplied…


Series.from_concat(containers, *, index, index_constructor, name)

Concatenate multiple Series into a new Series. Args: containers: Iterable of Ser…


Series.from_concat_items(items, *, name, index_constructor)

Produce a Series with a hierarchical index from an iterable of pairs of labels,…


Series.from_delimited(delimited, *, delimiter, index, dtype, name, index_constructor, skip_initial_space, quoting, quote_char, quote_double, escape_char, thousands_char, decimal_char, own_index)

Series construction from a delimited string. Args: dtype: if None, dtype will be…


Series.from_dict(mapping, *, dtype, name, index_constructor)

Series construction from a dictionary, where the first pair value is the index a…


Series.from_element(element, *, index, dtype, name, index_constructor, own_index)

Create a Series from a single element. The size of the resultant container will…


Series.from_items(pairs, *, dtype, name, index_constructor)

Series construction from an iterator or generator of pairs, where the first pair…


Series.from_overlay(containers, *, index, union, name, func, fill_value)

Return a new Series made by overlaying containers, aligned values are filled wit…


Series.from_pandas(value, *, index, index_constructor, name, own_data)

Given a Pandas Series, return a Series. Args: value: Pandas Series. * index_cons…

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